“For expectant parents”

When time was born

The Earth stood still.

God created birds,

And then daffodils.

Each portion of Earth

Was priceless treasure.

He looked down an smiled,

It gave him pleasure.

Then he put us here

To enjoy all his wonders.

And we share it dearly,

Because there were no blunders

The most good was in

Perpetual motion,

The way life repeats,

And the beautiful ocean.

This thing called love,

This force so strong,

That brings life together

Life’s beautiful song.

The children’s laughter

The highs and lows,

The smell of a baby,

In swaddling clothes.

May this joy be yours

As the time draws near,

And remember your beginings,

And your parents tears.

Love this child,

And he’ll pass it on,

And God will smile,

As time goes on.

– Author Joe Woodward

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