What to Read Next?: The Ultimate List of Books Everyone Must Read

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If there’s one wish any reader has, it’s to never run out of books to read. If you’re wondering what to read next, here’s a list of unique, intriguing, thought-provoking, and inspiring books you must explore.

Another Chance

If you’re interested in historical fiction stories, you must check out this book by Joseph Woodward. It’s the first book of a trilogy called Lost Between the Continents, exploring the life of Ernest Woodward, who starts a new life in America by arriving in Ohio from England at 17. It’s a comprehensive series of books that focus on different life events of his life that shaped him into a significant historical personality.

This man plays multiple roles throughout this book at different times of his life. The author explores his life as a father, family patriarch, a husband, and the way his family members and acquaintances perceived and viewed him. The use of various fictional strands in this book adds a much-needed element of romance and thriller to the book, making it the perfect read for people wanting to learn history through emotions.

Don’t forget to check out the other two books of the trilogy, Healing Hands and Sudden Freedom.

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Back Running

Another must-read for most readers (and emerging writers) is Back Running by Joseph Woodward. It’s a young adult action book, exploring the lives of a young high school football coach and his family as they combat the consequences of the collapse of power grids worldwide resulting from a war between leading nations.

It’s an interesting read because its plot is set in the future, giving readers a grasp of how the world would be like when technology becomes obsolete. The book is the perfect example of how humans are likely to go back in time by resorting to hunting and gathering for survival without the presence of technology.

If you’re into reading stories focusing on a dystopian time, this is an excellent read for you.

Pocket Book of Short Stories

Some of the best books are found in the form of short stories, offering you the joy of multiple stories all at once. If you’ve run out of short stories to read, the Pocket Book of Short Stories by Joseph Woodward should be next on your list.

It’s the perfect train ride companion, consisting of three intriguing short stories. While two stories are historical fiction, one also dabbles in political satire, providing readers with the best of all literary worlds.

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If you enjoy reading the books mentioned above, you’ll undoubtedly love to read more biographical fiction, romantic suspense, and historical fiction books by Joseph Woodward. You can now find some of the best historical fiction novels and biographical fiction books at www.josephwoodwardstories.com. I’m an award-winning storyteller and author, aiming to impact young and intellectual readers with my meaningful and thought-provoking biographical fiction books. Feel free to check out these books on my website, or click here to get in touch with me to learn more.

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