I remember taking the train to Cleveland to watch the Browns play on Sunday afternoons. As a teenager from central Ohio, this was a big deal. Lots of energy at the games..Jim Brown surging through the defense. He made it look so easy.

But when I watched them play on television, I got to see so much more of the game. The commentators would point out strategies from the coaching and the extra effort and talent of the players. Sunday was an extra special day because of football, the greatest team sport in the land.

As the technical production of the televised games improved, it became a science to watch the games..camera angles, replays from every angle, and of course John Madden and Pat Summeral making it real.

Now we are saturated with football seven days a week and I find it hard to watch one game from beginning to end. I know I can catch up with the highlights at half-time.

The commentators slice up the games in their rehash segments and the sports channels prognosticators end up yelling at each other.

Monday night football was the greatest thing in the world but now we have Thursday night football, Sunday morning football in England, and Sunday night football…it’s football virtually 24/7.

Maybe we are over-saturated with this wonderful sport.

The social platform it’s become has watered down the meaning of the game. It’s more about who out twittered whom and how fashion conscious the players are at their team’s press conference.

As the viewer ratings continue to diminish I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end for the greatest game ever played.

Joseph Woodward – Author

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