Spreading the Word: 5 Things to Do After Winning a Book Award

As an award winning author, I have some experience with winning book awards and marketing them subtly. When you win an award, you get something to show for your creativity.

But it might not do you much good if the only place your award is shown is on the wall. Here are five things you can do to spread the word and increase your books’ sales.

1- Write a Blog

Blog posts are the fastest and easiest way to reach your readers and potential readers. If you’re smart about what you include in your post (and you can read a bit about what you should include), search engines will attract people to read your blog and learn about you as an author. It might be a good idea to include a picture of the award in the blog.

Remember to share this blog post with your existing audience on your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. There are also a lot of groups on Facebook and Goodreads; you could share the blog in groups appropriate for your genre.

Award-winning author spreading the word by writing a blog

2- Update Your Profile

Add “award-winning author” to the descriptions on your online profiles. Update your personal and professional profiles by adding this phrase and spread the word through your online presence. If you don’t have a profile on some popular social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram, this is the time to start using these websites.

Don’t forget to invite your current followers on the internet to these sites. If you don’t have a profile on some book-reviewing sites such as Goodreads, create a new profile and add “award-winning author” to your bio. These websites are the primary medium through which people discover authors. Make sure you work on that author’s bio and make thorough and attractive profiles to get good first impressions.

3- Add the Award Badge to Your Website

If you don’t have a website, now is the time to make one. You could have a professional make your website or make one yourself using website making platforms such as Wix.

In any case, be sure to add the award badge on your website’s home page and let all the visitors know. You may also add the award badge as a header – this way, you can display it at the top of every page on the website.

4- Update Your Book Descriptions

Your books might be selling on several websites; ensure you update the descriptions of all your books on all the websites. You could ask your publisher to add the phrase preferably in the first line of the descriptions.

5- Announce Via Emails

Write an email announcing your achievement and send the email to all your family, friends, and clients. If you’ve got a website that collects your readers’ emails, write an email to all those email addresses.

Letting people know about award-winning authors via email

Being an award-winning author, I have personally followed these subtle marketing techniques and found them very effective. An example of point 1 is evident in the blog you are reading currently, as now all of you know that I am the award-winning author Joseph Woodward!

If you visit my website, Joseph Woodward stories, you can also find an example of point 3, another application of an effective technique! When reading my biographical fiction stories, Back Running, Sudden Freedom, and Healing Hands, you will see point 4 successfully implemented.

However, to see how I have spread the word about my award-winning feat using point 5, drop your email and any feedback through the contact page.

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