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It’s 2025, and a tech war between the U.S., Russia and China has culminated in the collapse of power grids across the world with technology becoming obsolete.



A young high school football coach and his family watch helplessly as their power grid goes down — with no warning. They can’t access their bank to get any money, they can’t call the police when they hear people breaking into houses in their neighborhood.

They can’t buy gas for their generator and as they’re cleaning out what’s left to eat in the refrigerator, Coach comes up with a plan.

His father had left him a cabin in the woods in South Carolina. They could go there and get away from the looting to survive by hunting and fishing.

There were fruit trees on the property and they had planted blackberry bushes a couple years ago that should be producing by now.

Little did they know how soon foreign powers would have them in their cross hairs, and, would kill to get the secret they discovered under the forest floor.

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An absolute space thriller, filled with nerve-racking end exciting episodes. A must read for every sci-fi lover.

New York Times

Truly amazing and breathtaking journey, delivered in a fantastic way. One of the best books of the year.

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