For those of you that have read “The Life and Times of the OK Cafe”, here is a treat;

As you will recall, Merv, the owner of the establishment was a very congenial bar owner and understood the age group of his patrons…joking with us, being one of the guys and actually was like a father to many us in his own way.

Well, I sent a copy of my book to the new owners and thought they may get a kick out of it. I received a very intriguing phone call from Lowell, son of Merv, who happened to be at the OK talking to one of the new owners who shared my story with him.

Lowell was able to shed some light on his dad, Junior, and some fasinating anecdotes only the former owners son would know. Junior really looked up to Merv. He not only was his boss, but his big buddy who watched out for him and understood being a little slow wasn’t a handicap.

On occasion, Merv would affectionately call him “June Bug” and Junior was very proud of his nickname. He would mention to many that Merv had called him June Bug today. Junior’s father had called Merv one time and mentioned Junior wasn’t bringing home his check. Of course Merv let him know he made a point of giving Junior his check and would find out what was going on.

It turned out there were some people betwee the OK and Juniors house who took advantage of him. From then on, Merv gave his check directly to his dad to make sure Junior always got paid.

And then there was the time junior was two hours late for work and Merv asked him what happened. Junior explained he rode his bike to one of the nearby towns and missed his turn and ended up several miles down the road.

The family loved Junior for who he was and appreciated his undying loyalty

Joseph Woodward

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