Joseph Woodward’s Top 4 Books You Must Read

We inhabit a reality where it’s easy to escape the present time and all the strife associated with it. All you need is a great escapist read of a time long gone, a book from the biographical fiction section of a book store or your local public library.

Here are the top historical fiction books by Amazon author, Joseph Woodward, for your next escapist read.

1.    The Three Husbands of Annabelle

The Three Husbands of Annabelle is a lesson in alternative history spanning 95 years. It tells the story of Annabelle Anderson, a woman who was but a girl when she married the person who’d end up being the first of three husbands.

If you’re looking for a success story, it’s Annabelle. The story paints a realistic picture of humans finding glory through adversity if only they have the courage to get back on their feet no matter how many times they fall.

2.    Another Chance: No Place to Call Home

Another Chance is a tale of second chances set in 1906. It tells the story of a 17-year-old boy, Ernest Woodward, leaving London with no more than the clothes on his back for the newer pastures of old New York.

Follow Woodward as he retells Ernest’s second shot at life, from learning the ropes of cattle farming to meeting the woman with whom he would go on to have nine children and 31 grandchildren in the follow-ups, Healing Hands: A Place to Call Home and Sudden Freedom: Home is Where the Heart is.

3.    Pocket Book of Short Stories

The Pocket Book of Short Stories is semi nonfictional collection of historical tales meant for short yet meaningful encounters with the author’s past.

It contains a total of three stories:

· The Fernandez Brothers

The life story of Woodward’s neighbors, from when they first stepped foot in America to how they came to own an electrical contracting company, mortgages, and kids.

· The Life and Times of The OK Café

An account of Woodward’s teenage years at the local bar, The OK Café; of having beers and partying up a storm when he and his friends lived like there was no tomorrow, no kids, and no grandkids on the horizon.

· Trump’s Soup Kitchen

A comedy of errors about the former POTUS, Donald Trump, discovering he has a half-brother in his early teens to finding him working undercover in the State Department.

4.    Back Running: An All-American Family’s Role in the Battle for Power

The first book in The Power Run series is about a dystopian reality set in the year 2025, where the US, Russia, and China are engaged in a tech war that has plunged the world back into a pre-tech time.

It tells the tale of an average American family as they come to terms with a rapid breakdown of society, make the best of a bad situation, and survive getting into the crosshairs of foreign powers. Follow their story in the soon to arrive sequel, Back Online.

Welcome to the ‘Woodworld’: The Imagination of an Award-Winning Storyteller

Joseph Woodward is the award-winning writer of historical romance, biographical fiction, and dystopian fiction. His short stories and books have wormed their way into the hearts of many readers, old and young.

Get in touch with him to learn what makes a good historical fiction book.

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