For those of you who have read the story of The Fernandez Brothers*, this is a continuum of their twenty year journey to the United States from Venezuela. As you recall, their accomplishments started small and gained ground in a timely fashion due to their hard work and determination.

Back when they first landed, work was anything that would feed them. As focused as they had to be to survive, they always offered a helping hand to their family and countrymen who wanted a chance to live the same dream that they had.

This Christmas in 2017, their dream came full circle. My wife and I were invited to their first Company Christmas Party at Tony’s Brazillian Grill in Orlando, Florida. Yes, the Fernandez Brothers shared their first year in business’ huge success, with employees, friends and family, and of course their neighbors.

We always knew they were a happy lot because we were Daniel’s next door neighbors. He and Jose would come over for drinks by the pool and share their childhood experiences growing up in Venezuela. Their history was so rich that I began to chronicle these wonderful childhood memories just so they wouldn’t be forgotten like old pictures tend to be.

Well, this past Friday was graduation day for their family and their awesome company, Echo Ed Electrical Contracting. They had a live band and we got to see how loyal the Spanish are to their culture, family and friends. And the dancing…all ages were on the floor doing versions of the Rumba, Salsa, etc., and the mood was contagious. Grandparents, husbands and wives, cousins, and little kids were moving to the music. Somehow you found time to grab a plate of delicious Brazilian Cuisine…and hug some babies.

For everyone who supported their effort, there couldn’t have been a better Christmas than to share in their success.

Joseph Woodward Author

“The Fernandez Brothers” is part of “Joseph Woodward’s Collection of Historical Non-Fiction Narratives”

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