The 21st century is often referred to as the time of boom for biographical fiction novels. This is because biographical fiction books have become increasingly famous in recent times, especially in the last few decades, while traditional literary novels have started declining in popularity.

Biographical fiction is a kind of literary genre that is similar to historical fiction and recreates a past character’s life, their story, the events they were involved in, and more. Let’s discuss why readers are now more attracted to biographical fiction books.

Biographical Fiction Revolves Around Real Life and Actual Circumstances

A recent study conducted by the National Endowment for the Arts to investigate the reading habits of American citizens found that readers are now shifting their attention from classic literary books to biographical fiction.

The results showed that readers prefer to engage with stories that are based on actual people’s lives and real events from the past. The author of “Writing American Fiction,” Philip Roth, wrote in 1961 that readers don’t enjoy fiction books anymore because the real world around them has far surpassed the imaginative world an author could create based on their limited imagination.

True Stories Seem More Relevant and Relatable

Contrary to fiction books, biographical fiction novels come under the category of true-life stories, and they hold the attention of readers more easily. These books depict the challenges and complexities of real life and have characters that readers can easily relate to.

Both biographical fiction novels and true-life stories allow readers to understand the feelings of the main protagonist and the thinking process behind the actions they take as the story of their life unfolds.

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Facts Form the Foundation of Biographical Fiction Books

Another reason why readers seem to be veering towards reading biographical fiction novels is that they are based heavily on facts and statistics. For example, biographical fiction novels often contain the actual names of places, the dates when certain events took place, the real names of characters in the story, etc.

Readers are now more attracted to the fact-based narrative that is present in biographical fiction as it allows them to have the correct information and make up their own opinions based on this knowledge.

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