reading book
November 20, 2021

Need a good engaging story to stress out your mind and body? We have just the right stock for you at Joseph Woodward Stories.

Award-winning author spreading the word by writing a blog
November 19, 2021

As an award winning author, I have some experience with winning book awards and marketing them subtly. When you win an award, you get something to show for your creativity. But it might not do you much good if the only place your award is shown is on the wall. Here are five things you…

a stack of old books
November 4, 2021

History is an essential course for most students worldwide, as it should be. However, many students fail to develop an interest in the subject. Fortunately, historical fiction stories are the perfect way to combat this challenge. If you’re a teacher wondering how historical fiction can help your students in the classroom, here are some reasons…

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