a stack of old books
November 4, 2021

History is an essential course for most students worldwide, as it should be. However, many students fail to develop an interest in the subject. Fortunately, historical fiction stories are the perfect way to combat this challenge. If you’re a teacher wondering how historical fiction can help your students in the classroom, here are some reasons…

‘Marketing Strategy’ Typed on a Creased Page and a Flat Iron Smoothing It Over
September 30, 2021

If you think contracted authors have the upper hand on book marketing, think again. With each day that passes, publishing houses are scaling back their promotion budgets, leaving their writers with no choice but to create social media handles, blogs, and whatnot, to market their bibliography. In other words, self-published authors have as much of…

a book in a library
September 28, 2021

Every book reader has a favorite genre. However, only thriller readers know how exciting the reading experience can get once you start reading thrillers. While thrillers offer the perfect amount of suspense and entertainment, they’re also known for some unexpected benefits for most readers. Read on to learn how reading thrillers can benefit you.

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