Person writing a fiction book
November 28, 2021

Writing a bestselling book series isn’t easy. Out of millions of writers, only dozens are lucky enough to make it to the bestselling charts. However, drawing readers is even more difficult with static book series, as you can’t change your basic perspective through unnecessary character developments in the middle of the series. Then, how do…

Creating a schedule for writing fiction books on a planner alongside a coffee cup
November 25, 2021

As someone who has written many fiction books, let me tell you that creating a writing schedule was one of the most difficult parts of the writing process. To tell you the truth, I tend to be quite inconsistent while writing, but aren’t we all? However, in the middle of writing my first fiction book,…

Open historical fiction books, with various conflicts, forming a stack
November 22, 2021

You might be surprised to hear this, but conflict isn’t limited to the fights in my historical fiction romance books. Since the term itself is confusing, let me explain what I mean by conflict in literary writing. In simple words, conflict in literature symbolizes the struggles between two opposing forces. The forces could be characters,…

reading book
November 20, 2021

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