“My little sunshine spreader”

This lIttle person so sweet and divine,

Walks around my deck spreading sunshine.

She splashes some on the trees

And pulls on the flowers,

Then she smiles at me…I could go on for hours.

She watches the birds and the ducks and the fish,

And then she spins around like she’s making a wish.

I just watch her, sit back in awe,

Because I’m the luckiest man alive…I’m her PePaw.

What happened to the time? Did I go that far?

Was it relly worth it?…Chasing my star?

The real things in life are right here on my deck

Watching this child…scratching my neck.

Now it’s time to dance, she hears the music playin’

She takes little steps and her head starts swaying.

I’m going to get up and have a good time

Because Adelaide is getting ready to spread some more…


Author Joseph Woodward

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