Joseph Woodward, a biographical fiction author, comes to you with a diverse background in marketing, music, and public relations. He was raised in central Ohio and attended Ohio State University.
He first started writing literature as a way to keep the creative juices flowing during his day job, for marketing was a job that demanded drawing in buyers by saying more with less. These stories and poems were as much a part of his work as they were therapy.

Joe’s short stories are perfect for a person on-the-go because, as his general physician describes it, they’re written as quick, introspective reads that one ponders upon throughout their day.
In his free time,you’ll find Joe spoiling his children, playing the piano,reading and writing historical novels, and gardening. He’s given piano lessons to his grandchildren and neighbor’s. His gardening themes create a sense of escape from the real world into a natural utopia.

Woodward lives in central Florida with his wife Rebecca. They enjoy spending time with their four children and six grandchildren.