I’m a storyteller.

As any award-winning storyteller would tell you, my passion, too, is to entertain you with thought-provoking and enriching stories that make you feel like they’re your own. Each character is portrayed as someone you may know, someone whose choices and paths you can identify with on a personal level. Most of my stories are in the genre of Biographical Fiction and inspired by my life and those who have shaped it.

Joseph Woodward, a biographical fiction author, comes to you with a diverse background in marketing, music, and public relations. He was raised in central Ohio and attended Ohio State University. Writing short stories and poetry became a habit to relax with and stay fresh to be creative for his day job. His background in writing copy for a variety of products and services, gave him the ability to write “rich” while saying a lot with fewer words. This style of expression lends to his entertaining short stories. They are perfect for the person on-the-go that doesn’t have the focus to follow a novel for three weeks, but still likes to read. His general physician commented that he can read one of Woodward’s stories on the train and reflect on it thru-out the day.

Among his interests and hobbies are his love for children, playing piano, reading and writing historical novels best sellers, and gardening. He has given piano lessons to his grandchildren and neighbor’s children. His gardening themes create a sense of getting away to enjoy nature. Woodward lives in central Florida with his wife Rebecca. They enjoy spending time with their four children and six grandchildren.

We enjoyed reading Annabelle’s history and learning about her interesting husbands and their adventures. The story of the Fernandez Brothers’ path to success is inspiring. And The OK Cafe – what a fun place to hang out with your friends. We hope this first installment will be followed by more of Joe’s narratives.

Sam and Loie Jeromin

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