"A huge cheer for Joseph Woodward's first collection of short stories.. Joe's descriptive talent in sharing historical facts about his characters was a true pleasure to read. The Three Husbands of Annabelle, of course, was very dear to my heart, as Annabelle is my dear mother. He reminded me of and made me aware of her amazing life. I look forward to Joe's future writing skills coming to life."
- Robin Weekes, Jonesborough TN.

"We enjoyed reading Annabelle's history and learning about her interesting husbands and their adventures. The story of the Fernandez Brothers' path to success is inspiring. And The OK Cafe - what a fun place to hang out with your friends. We hope this first installment will be followed by more of Joe's narratives."
-Sam and Loie Jeromin

"If you like sitting around the kitchen table with a good cup of coffee listening to stories, you will most certainly enjoy this collection! Joseph Woodward's easy story-telling style of writing draws you into the scene quickly with it's humor and realism. Crack this one open with your favorite hot or cold beverage, sit back, and be entertained!"
-Klainie Nedoroscik

"Woodward has a knack for drawing his readers in with the first sentence. One is hard pressed to identify the point of juxtaposition between fact and fiction as he weaves his magic across the pages. The first work of his that I read was going to be a cursory review because I had an important commitment and didn't want to be late. I found it impossible to put down The Three Husbands of Annabelle. An hour and a half later I called to cancel the appointment - and it was well worth it to have been able to relish and enjoy Woodward's talents."
-Tina Kautter