Joseph Woodward's Collection.

    My book is a volume of four short stories. Three of the short stories are Historical non-fiction narratives. They deal with real life and encompass very unique family experiences. The fourth story is political satire and it rocks.

     The first story is The Three Husbands of Annabelle: "A beautiful story that couldn't happen to just anyone." 'The three husbands of Annabelle" spans 95 years of her journey and how each husband prepared her for their successor. Annabelle Anderson was a young girl in Iowa who grew up with hard working parents. Their core values, morals and work ethic, is what gave her the tools to navigate life. From child rearing with a husband whose health and attitude deteriorated, to marrying a commanding officer in the navy who was also a renowned artist, to marrying into an eastern social life style with a connected family that set her up for a wonderfully protected existence in her later years. Her most notable art renderings were portraits of people and animals. Her pieces offered an innocent look at both mediums, "caught in the moment".

    The second story is The Fernandez Brothers: About two brothers from Venezuela who came to America 20 years ago and could not speak English. Their mother told them to start listening to country music to help them learn the language. They worked at anything that would feed them and got hired by an electric company where they climbed the management ladder. Today they have their own electrical contracting company, beautiful homes and children, and are helping others do the same thing.

    The third story is about growing up in a small industrial town ... The Life and Times of The OK Cafe. This is about a neighborhood bar that is the hub of activity in this town. At eighteen years of age, you can cash your "assembly line" check there and get a fishbowl full of beer and a cheese plate for .75 cents. This is living for an eighteen-year-old. You can find out what's going on, enjoy some socializing and then go hang out at the old abandoned stone quarry and fish and party for the week-end. Life comes full circle for this group of guys and they all end up being grandparents with mortgages. Great Americana.

    The fourth story is called "Trump's Soup Kitchen" When Trump is 13 he finds out he has a half-brother named Ronald and it's on the hush hush. At his military class reunion, he hears about a kid that was about their age whose mother had a sugar daddy that disappeared and they were left destitute. The boy's mother died, and he had to get a job at a soup kitchen to eat. Trump asks his friend where was the kitchen and he said somewhere in lower Manhattan. This bugs him for years and occasionally he would stop at a soup kitchen and ask if they had a guy named Ronald working there. No luck. When he became president it really bugged him. He had all this success and his brother was scrounging around to eat. His secret service guys find a picture of Ronald and Melania and her group of socialites put on a full court press and find him. It turns out he has been working in the State Department under cover and Donald makes him chief of staff and they start slaying dragons. Vladimir Putin joins in and these guys cook up a plan for ISIS to die the mother of all deaths. The reader feels like there's hope for our country when he puts the book down.