The Three Husbands of Annabelle

"...They had a nice cruise all the way to Freeport and dropped anchor on his 67 footer, and then took the dinghy into the docks. Of course everything was closed and they were hungry, grimy and no place to go. The harbormaster registered them and saw their plight. "Why don't you join my family for Christmas dinner? He did not have to ask them twice. As they relaxed with coffee, Earl's buddy shouted "the boat is sinking!! "And sure enough it was already tilted and going down. There was nothing they could do but watch in total disbelief."

“Picture of the aircraft Col.Earl Adams (the third husband) flew to deliver supplies to our servicemen at select airbases. One such airbase was in Tibet where he met Ghandi when he was temporarily being held as he was exiled from India.”